In the age of each of brands declare maverick to show its style.AGENDER is not a blusterous copycat.

Freedom, fearlessness, intrepidity and the avant-garde spirit in the bone is intended to break the rigid old customs and regulations and flaunt new ideas, delineate self magnetic field through a gender-neutral style of dress, and with this, they gang up their friendgeneration. This is not a revolt, but a change.

When mainstream consciousness is no longer fully recognized by the fashionable society, the changing trend of thought is one after another in the field of clothing, clothing and footwear is no longer the still stuff of the cover of the body, but the rebirth of the soul.

There is a fundamental consensus that the gender boundaries of clothing and footwear are increasingly blurred, and it is this blurring that creates gaps of freedom. Based on convergence and consistency of this consensus, AGENDER is born at the right time.

AGENDER's concept of Gender Free is to break the gender label of clothing and deconstruction design the "unbounded clothing". There is no standard assigns that a man must wear a suit, a woman must wear a skirt, frankness and ease can cross the border, and shuttle freely between men and women, and pursue right equality in the name of clothing. It's not just the pursuit of ‘All men are created equally’, it's furthermore about detached feelings and finding a way to dress comfortably and pleasantly.

AGENDER encourages everyone to break through himself and embrace more possibilities beyond their borders.

AGENDER also believes that every human being is born different and does not have to construct his own spirit and flesh according to the worldly wishes, nor need to compete with the secular in a aggressive way, but to rebuild the roots of freedom silently in order to truly understand freedom. This is a state , and clothing is an indispensable carrier.

For AGENDER, freedom is the attitude, there is a principle beyond gender.